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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 8879 Eo

Instructions and Help about Form 8879 Eo

Okay so here we are a client just faxed to us on our digital fax they're 88-79 what we want to do is take this 88-79 put it into our document management system and then file the return electronically so if this was Microsoft Outlook the file would be included up here we can just grab it from here we would throw it into DMS under tax returns and we would be done with that part this is GoDaddy's email so you have to go the email you have to download it and once you download it you get a PDF file to your desktop is where I save this one and it just has fax it has a number so I want to go ahead and I will rename it the this particular client is just called 1040 client so we will change it to 2022 which is the year their name is 1040 client and it is form 88-79 now we have the file all we have to do is grab it and throw it into tax returns as you see obviously there will be a lot more data here on the sample there's nothing in it just 88-79 we began was a year the client name and then it's to form 88-79 again if we were using Microsoft Outlook we could just grab it and throw it in at this point we would be in here we would just right-click on it we would rename it and we would be done with that part so let's go ahead and just delete this cuz we don't need anymore we've now saved it into our document management system and we're done with that Bart next we want to go into Intuit Pro Series so here's our pro series account we have our 88-79 we now have permission to file our tax return electronically we're gonna go and open the tax return it's probably worthwhile to go ahead and clicking the review button one last time we start let's just zip through this real quick we're finished and we're gonna go to client status I'm gonna change the client status - if file electronically return filed as I'm sure you're aware it automatically pops up the date all we did was click the little button here then we go to e-file let's we go to e-file now we click the e-file now they always want you to savor it first we save it we don't have this is for the actual tax turn we don't have we didn't have an extension for this particular blank 1040 client we click on it we hit OK and hopefully you're familiar with what it does it just shoots you over to the electronic filing screen so it's just sitting there you got to go in you find the client again you click on the client and then you hit the e-file button again from the e-file section and you are done after that all it takes is to monitor it make sure it goes through which can anywhere be from an hour to maybe a few hours and that process is done.

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